Ooh La La!

Youth Participation

An important part of the overall vision for Ooh La La is to encourage and support youth participation by providing opportunities to explore connections with traditional music and dance forms. We attempt to achieve this goal in a variety of ways:

This outreach gives participants a chance to network and to hone their skills in a dance weekend setting, provides exposure to an extended dance community, and offers committed young talent an opportunity to meet and work with experienced staff.

New this year: We are aware that college students and other youth may be in the process of lining up summer engagements and may be unsure this early in the year whether they can commit to a volunteer spot at Ooh La La. We have adapted our registration policy so that youth volunteers who are in this situation will have a grace period, extending until May 15, during which we will hold their spot without payment. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible as your summer plans solidify so that we may fill your spot if you can’t come.