Ooh La La!

Meals and Lodging

From the very first Ooh La La (2007), we have strived to make mealtime a special part of the weekend experience. We use primarily fresh-local-organic ingredients that various members of the volunteer committee source themselves along with the chefs. Deep care is taken in the menu creation and preparation of food, resulting in delicious & healthy meals! You can expect items such as (but not limited to!) breakfast nut loaves, hearty soups, cheeses, granola, yummy curries, dark green salads, dessert cakes, and fruits. Meals at Ooh La La are very much a social time with lots of round tables in the hall at which to gather. There is also lots of lawn outside and often you’ll find groups of dancers with their meals out on the grass.  If you have dietary constraints, let us know on the registration form and we will attempt to accommodate your needs.


Dancers are responsible for their own lodging during the weekend.  Motels and B&Bs are available in the area as well as some beautiful camping areas.  Stay an extra night – explore Québec’s Eastern Townships!

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