Ooh La La!

Green Initiative

Ooh La La is committed to a high standard when it comes to creating joyful community gatherings with an awareness and responsibility towards our events’ environmental impact. If you have been coming to the dance weekend for a number of years, you may have noticed some of the efforts we make, like composting, providing meals that are comprised of nearly 100% organic ingredients — many of them sourced from local and regional farms, using real or compostable dishes instead of disposable ones, reusing name-badges, making every attempt to avoid single-use packaging when purchasing goods for the event, and helping to connect participants for carpooling, just to name a few… and we want to do more. We firmly believe that it is possible to gather from diverse locations and nourish ourselves with inspiring music, dancing and food in a fashion that promotes a gentle existence within our community at large (Planet Earth) and responsibility to our shared climate.

We recognize that many of us travel to Ooh La La from afar and in doing so, generate a quantity of carbon emissions. As a response to this, we started a clothing swap two years ago in an attempt to generate funds to purchase carbon offsets (i.e., plant trees and increase protected green spaces). Last year, we successfully raised enough from the swap to compensate the travel-related carbon emissions produced by our entire staff and team of organizers!

New this year: we are offering you, the attendee, the option of adding any amount to your registration fee when you register, to increase the funds we will use to offset our collective carbon footprint for the weekend. We encourage you to consider your own travel as part of this bigger picture. As a guideline, a round trip from Montréal to Ooh La La in a compact vehicle would require less than 2$ to compensate; from Ottawa, the offset would be just under 5$. All Carbon Offset donations will be directed to the Carbone Boréal Project.

Calculate Your Travel

Also new this year: Tradicaux, our non-profit organization behind Ooh La La, has signed Le Pacte pour la Transition as a next step. The Pact is a pledge undertaken by citizens and organizations of Québec to take action according to their means in order to halt environmental destruction and climate disaster. Québec Friends, you can sign this too! Even if you are not from Québec, the Pact is a good read — comprehensive and inspirational — and it will give you an idea of what Ooh La La is aiming for.