Ooh La La!

Ooh La La Dance Weekend - Code of Conduct

Ooh La La offers a rich summer dance weekend experience with a warm community spirit. We strive to create a safe community based on consent, inclusivity and respect. To achieve this, we have published a formalized Code of Conduct to outline our expectations for participants towards other dancers, the band, caller, kitchen crew, and sound personnel. 

Some examples of respectful behaviour include:

✦ Ask for consent. Whether inviting someone to dance or offering a flourish such as a twirl, dip, or lift – always make sure you have their enthusiastic consent. This includes children! If they decline, accept their refusal gracefully, no questions asked. 

✦ Be kind and welcoming to all participants. Anyone may take initiative in asking someone to dance. If you’re comfortable doing so, ask or accept an offer from someone you haven’t danced with before.

✦ Dance with who’s coming at you, regardless of gender expression, physical appearance, age, or ability.

✦ Be aware of other dancers. Keep swings and flourishes safely controlled, being mindful of the space around you. Leave scents at home and take care of personal hygiene.

✦ Be patient and allow the caller to correct mistakes. Above all, refrain from physically pushing or pulling someone into place.

✦ Respect personal space on and off the dance floor. All participants should be free from unwanted sexual advances and harassment of any kind. Always get consent before dancing close or cuddling.

✦ Remain only in areas open to participants. The kitchen and stage areas are the work-places of our staff and are off-limits unless specifically authorized.

✦ Ask a super volunteer if you’d like to help out. Thank all our volunteers!

We encourage attendees to let us know if they have any concerns – either by speaking with our Safety Officer or any member of the OLL committee or at oohlaladance@gmail.com. We will work with you to find a response that best ensures your safety and the safety of the community.

We take all concerns seriously and reserve the right to ask a participant to leave the event if we feel it is necessary.

Thank you for respecting this Code of Conduct and for doing your part to maintain our welcoming, safe, and respectful community. Have fun!

View the expanded version of our Code of Conduct