Ooh La La!

A note on registration at Ooh La La this year…

Dear friends of Ooh La La,

We are now in our eleventh year running Ooh La La dance weekend. Every event we have held so far has been tremendous, thanks to you, our joyful dancers; all our amazing volunteers and chefs; the exceptional talent; and the warm and welcoming community where Ooh La La takes place. 

We would like to tell you about a change that we are making to our registration system this year. We have recently taken a critical look at this process, noting just how much of our annual budget goes to Paypal. As a committee, we would rather direct these funds toward Ooh La La itself. To that end, we have decided to go “old school” in 2017 and are asking you, the registrant, to pay for your registration by cheque. 

Integrated community participation is a goal that we strive to meet on multiple levels; from making the event accessible to all ages, to sourcing food from local farmers, to including local talent, we always attempt to keep the big picture in mind and make Ooh La La both a manifestation and a celebration of co-operative and sustainable community interaction. Going back to payment by cheque feels more in keeping with our overall vision for the weekend.

Please see our registration form for additional details and mailing instructions.

Thanks for your time to read this, and above all, thanks for signing up for another magical Ooh La La experience! See you all on the dance floor… and in the dinner line!

Adam, Jaige and Mary

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